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February 18, 2012


Nevada approves regulations for self-driving cars

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Cars up here have to be able to drive themselves out of snow banks while their owners push. Does that count?

(In case y'all were wondering, the trick is to leave the driver's side door open so you can run up and jump in. It works nearly most of the time.)

What could possibly go wrong?

I was wondering who cops will ticket when they view or suspect an infraction of the law? But then I remembered, they will send the ticket to the owner of the vehicle. But if the car "chooses" not to appear,
will a bench (or transmission) warrant be issued?

i love when dave gets all 'sentient'

Mixing self-driving cars with human-operated ones should be interesting here in NJ.

Can't wait to get the metal finger.

Gotta agree with Dave. I-95 is thrilling, silly, dangerous, outrageous, and illogical, and about the only thing you can predict is that it will be unpredictable.

So how many "no sentient humans" are at the controls?
Almost all of them!

But as I said before, some of Florida's finest are law enforcement types. If you can find em...or they find you...I had good experiences with them, but I was "out of state", maybe that makes a difference??

pad' ... Y'all've got cars similar to ours here in Nodak ... yeah, that plan werks ... sumtimes ... but not quite as much as "nearly most of the time" ... and many of ours are 3/4 or 1-ton pickups with that high first step, so bein' run over by one's vehicle is not necessarily a real rarity ...

I'm gonna miss padraig after his car runs over him.

This is not good; ultimately, I had to beat my Roomba to death.

What Jeff said.

In the IT biz there is an old axiom: No matter how well tested a piece of software is, or how long it has been in use, there exists a set of conditions that will cause it to fail.

cindy, that hasn't happened to me in WEEKS. It HAS been kind of a dry winter, though, we can see over the snow most of the time.

I believe most of us have been on one of those looong drives where we suddenly wake up. I know I've wondered at times who was driving, since I was alone.
Most men, at least would not trust an automatic driver unless the car companies provide in-dash entertainment to distract us.

"Cars must be equipped with a separate data collector... that will 'capture and store the autonomous technology sensor data for at least 30 seconds before a collision.'"

If the car knows it's about to have a collision in 30 seconds, that's way better than human drivers. Sign me up.

I just want to know if the autonomous cabs in Vegas will still charge $5 a mile and then expect a tip?

That will make texting, talking, cooking breakfast and shaving simultaneously while driving to work so much easier.

funny man, my favorite part of driving I-95 down here is seeing a guy (almost amways it is a guy) pulled over on the left shoulder for driving in the HOV lane without a passenger. I always laugh as I go past.

pogo - I rely on that to make a living!

But Jeff, if the car is driving then the driver becomes the passenger and they(?) can use the HOV. N'est pas?

ScottMGS, I make a living on that, too. I'd have a very hard time relying on automatic cars.

Just adapt the controls from this device.

My mother-in-law would be telling it how to drive.

This is scary people! A state government planning ahead? Imagine the chaos if government starts acting intelligently!

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