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February 10, 2012


One-legged suspect attempts to elude police

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I thank the author of the article for not telling us where "in his body" the cocaine was hidden.

Leave us some illusions.

The miscreant did this just to tee up the headline on Dave's blog.

"Be on the lookout for Doctor Richard Kimble..."
--Lt. Gerard

Apologies in advance....

Was he hopping to get away with it?

There was an episode of Cops in, I believe, Florida, where a cop chased down and tackled a suspect at night.
Afterwards, the cop showed the suspect that he had a prosthesis in place of one of his lower legs.
He then said something to the effect of, "You got caught by a one-legged cop."
Wonder what the perp's nickname in the jail was?

LeClerc: have you no shame?

Was he running in circles?

Was his name Lee Ning? Balan Singh? Wait, was he a pirate? ARGGGGG

This story is really perty limp ...

It's always reassuring to know the cops have a leg up on crime. (Wait, isn't raising a leg what dogs do before they...)

My wife just asked me why I was groaning out loud, sitting in front of my laptop here in our hotel room.

bfw' ... I hope y'all told her "muscle cramp" ... sum wives -- well, mine -- don't allus appreciate pun-ishment ...

Hopped up on coke. Can't a guy just make enough scratch for a new wooden leg?

Jeff: No illusions.

I think a good anti-drug commercial would hint about some of the gross places drugs are hidden when they're transported. Might discourage people who want to experiment.

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