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February 22, 2012


The husband of Finland's president was caught on camera casting an admiring glance at the cleavage of Princess Mary of Denmark.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Busted! ...so to speak.

Hey, man, that's why sunglasses were invented.
Also, it's in poor taste to drool at a banquet.

I thought he had the expression of "Oh look, shiny!" regarding all that bling she was wearing as there didn't appear that much cleavage to speak of. I live in Miami though so cleavage is in abundant supply, mostly store bought though.

Yup, gotta agree ... not much chesticles there after 43 years ... when do y'all s'pose they'll grow up?

*slaps self on hands before they can type in Finnish werds fer whut he's thinkin' ...*

I did love his totally innocent :oh, look at the nice ceiling" look. Been there, done that.

She doesn't have much (any?) cleavage showing but she obviously felt his staring as she put her hand over her chest.

keep ur hands off the danish

Gee, ligirl ... she doesn't look pruney ... sorta doubt cherry ... must be raspberry ...

He was just asking her to pass the salt!

'e was just pinin' for the fjords!

He was trying to check for the adams apple, as he thought "I have bigger moobs than that"!

When he suddenly noticed a defect in the ceiling, I suspect he was throwing up a 'Hail Mary'.

That Dane merits a gawp.

It was some plaster dust on her dress that caught his eye, that's why he looked up at the ceiling to see if it was going to fall on them.

From her reaction you would think it was the first time anyone noticed she was a woman.

I'm surprised that none of the bloggirls pointed out that not only did the newspaper actually tell a lady's age, it added years onto her.

Cleavage? More like droopage......

Perfectly in character with the European royalty. This is how dynasties are maintained, expanded, rendered genetically less non-diverse than they are. Tu, felix Austria, nube.

But France ain't gonna be happy.

I saw Felix Austria open for The Pragmatic Sanction, by the way.

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