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February 01, 2012


Zamboni operator arrested for allegedly driving drunk at Minnesota rink

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I blame the rink.

Both the driver and the zamboni were stocked with antifreeze.

I think it was unfair to make him try to walk in a straight line across the ice.

Hockey Night du Minnesnowta ... merely proves that all of us who've ever wanted to drive a Zamboni hafta be careful about WHEN we do ... (not to mention, WHERE)

Red Bull and vodka

When your team is the Minnesota Wild, drinking your troubles away should be understandable.

O --
And don't combine Demolition Derby Night with Drive the Zamboni Night

That'd be a good plan, NMUA ...

I'm saying it was really just the icy road conditions.

On another note, how, exactly, did the parents help smooth the rough spots?

His career is on the rocks.

Lobstersaver, tell a mom that her kid might get hurt on something and she will find a way to smooth it out. All we usually need are a Kleenex and a little spit.

sounds like a triple clutz

That's only a 2 minute penalty in most hockey games.

You must have to be really, really drunk to get noticed in Minnesota

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