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February 23, 2012


...reporter Adrienne Pedersen saw her live report on gas prices this morning disrupted when two cars crashed within view of the camera, just over her left shoulder.

(Thanks to Dave Roe)


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Reminds me of another incident (also in FL) where the reporter is seen talking about the search for a hybrid wolf that escaped from Animal Control custody. During the story, the animal is seen far in the background of the field from where she was reporting. They eventually caught the animal. It was funny at the time.

I like how she says, "They're okay" before she even goes to see the accident.

Yeah, sending a reporter to a gas station to report on gas prices is dumb. Does the station really control the price? Yes and No. They have a right to make a profit, but unless its a promotion rarely will set a price to loose money.

Why not interview the oil bigwigs about their salaries? And Wall street about the greed and speed of thier bets on oil futures? And the US officials who let and encourage oil oligarchies to dictate policy and prices? But real reportage is dead or perhaps like Mr. ED, the talking horse, never was.

Crash or credit?

You started out so well, funny man. And then you went to crazy conspiracy land.

As the "newspaper story" suggested, I've long been of the persuasion that "news" peeps cause more trubble than that on whut they "report" ...

Police say stupidity was involved.

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