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February 21, 2012


Woman repeatedly rammed car in front in drive-thru lane because it was too slow

(Thanks to Marc)


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"Guess the State" ? ? ?

Gee, I have NO IDEA whutsoEVER!

Should've charged her with AWF*, too ... merely sayin' ...

(*Assault With Ford)


That said, having been stuck behind people taking their own sweet time in the drive through lane, I would vote her 'not guilty' in a heartbeat.

Why did they blur out the Colonel's face in the photo of the restaurant? Is he in Witness Protection?

The Colonel isn't dead; he's in hiding, after he spilled the beans on Elvis....


don't people realize that the term "fast food" was
coined by a physics historian, who meant "sometime this century"? (To him a day in the life of the universe could mean thousands of years...)

There wuz allus "Fast Food" even before Ray Kroc and Them Others ... I grewed up callin' it "Fish on Fridays, and all thru Lent" ...

Mebbe she wuz merely in a hurry to get to confession, fer Ash Wednesday?


We seem to be low on Mardi Gras News, so be looking..

and if you miss that, Carnival is all month long
(if I recall correctly) in Brazil....

I more commonly experience the sense of urgency AFTER dining at Taco Bell/KFC

Be kind to the poor woman...she obviously has an illness that makes her eyebrows fall out. Good thing she has that helper-monkey to draw them back in every morning.

She was obviously thinking outside the bun.

Why do people get in the drive-thru line and then order enough food for 15 people? Why do I always get behind them?

Nice eyebrows.

n'cin' ... becuz it's yer Lucky Day?

(Teaches ya patience and tolerance, eh? Or ... mebbe not ...)

It is a "drive-thru" lane... duh!

*hehehehehehehehehehehe @ Dan S.*

When I saw that picture, a scene from "Airplane!" came to mind.
I don't know why.

There's an inference that she was under the influence of drugs, so why didn't the cops call an ambience?

Those eyebrows look like they were drawn on her face with a Sharpie.

Marc ... I disagree ... they don't look that good ...

I think O is right. Looks more like the Sharpie ran out of ink somewhere along the line.


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