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February 23, 2012


School Bus Dispatcher Suspended With Pay After Allegedly Aiding Bank Robbery

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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As long as the deposits are FDIC insured, I view this as a creative way to make school taxes go lower.

Aren't they a sweet looking couple?

A complementary GPS? That's a full service bank.

In today's economy, I'm kind of surprised this isn't happening more often.
But why do you get arrested and thrown into prison when you take $1200 but get off scot-free when you take down the whole bank?

Gee, jobs are that secure in Florida? Gotta tie up loose ends here and I'll be there in May....

Also, I like that Bank. Does every new account
robber get a free GPS? Just asking...

Sweet-lookin'? ... um ... not exactly ... more as a OMGWTDBBQ pair mebbe ...

(Yeah, I gnu y'all wuzn't serious (or Sirius), n'cin' ...)

Flipping through today's batch of comments, I sense a feeling of ... discontent among some of the regulars. A tendency to refer to national and economic issues far, far above the context of the story in question. Having a bad week?

I dunno, Omni' ... as fer Moi Ownself, if I do take that route, it's usually becuz my natural cynicismness and curmudgeonocityism has a chance to express its ownself, and not necessarily a function of mood ... more of opportunity ... tho if it's an upbeat conversation, I'll try have enuf manners to remember to apologize fer bein' a cranky old coot ...

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