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February 09, 2012


Half of single women carry a pair of sexy knickers in their handbag… just in case

(Thanks to Layzeeboy)


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Great. Now everybody knows Victoria's Secret.

In case of whut?

They's gonna go to "spend a penny" and switch knickers?

Or "in case" they're goin' commando, and decide to no longer so do?

O the U,
if they have mother's like mine it is in case they get hit by a car.

Oh ... yeah ... I remember that phraseology ... been a while tho, since Ma asked me if I'd ... well ... y'know ...

In case what... there's a casting call for " Basic Instinct II " ? You don't need knickers for that.

No, but knockers might help ...

Did the booby air bag lady have extra nice knickers to show the paramedics?

The story din't say ... but her knoc ... um ... nevermind ...

And the other half carry it where?


I've always considered panties more an impediment than an accoutrement.

Well now we know why the ladies can't find anything in their purse. Lord only knows what else is in there.

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