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February 14, 2012


Minnesota Zoo gives adults-only mating tour tonight

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Not sure I want to know what the "keepsake" included in the package is...

Yeah, me too. Just what is the keepsake?

WTF?? (Literally.)

$175 -AND- you get monkey stuff flung at you. Where do I sign up?

I'm wondering how they get the animals to cooperate, do they give the monkey['s viagra or something? Also on the fetish/perversion list does this count as voyeurism or bestiality?

♫ Let's Bungle in the Jungle

*hands out nickel valentines to co-geezers boarding bus*

For $175 I thought you would get a few minutes alone in your own private cage. Poop flinging optional.

Monkey in the middle?

This might be the correct place to reiterate the story about the Polish zoo werker and the Gorilla (not "of his dreams") ... but I won't ...

That's pricey, I do the same tour at the ABQ BioPark and I they only charge $10/ea. Of course they don't get dinner and a "memento" out of it.


Fun fact, do a search on duck corkscrew penis....

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