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February 22, 2012


Keyboard jeans.

(Thanks to ligirl)


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CTL ALT DEL these.

Satchel-pants, for us geezer types.

Is that a QWERTY in yer pocket, or would y'all really rather have a Mac?

yeah, it even comes with a usb dongle, nttawwt.

Snork @ opening Key Quote:Can there be any clearer way to say “Don’t breed with me” to a lady than to wear these dorky keyboard jeans?


I wonder what would happen if you typed
format C:\ <- ENTER

.. fast trip to the men's room?

Dad-O-Lot is the only one who wants to attempt a dongle joke? /Really/?

And don’t even get me started on washing these things. You’d stink like a hobo inside of a few weeks of use, especially if you’re hitting the “Enter” key a little to often.

Oh pooh .. haven't you ever heard of freezing jeans instead of washing them?

I'll stick to my guitar t-shirt, thanks. No, really...I'd post a link but I don't know how.
I've also got a graphic EQ t-shirt.

On second thought, "stick" to it might not be the best way to put it.

Might apply to those jeans, though.

I'm fairly sure that freezing jeans will do nothing for the smell. Unless they are continuously in the freezing, the bacteria responsible for the smell will continue to multiply.

Anyone wearing these needs to be closely monitored.

Nice jeans, but dorky sneakers. The model needs to reboot.

Sorry, out of memory, cannot process.


Words fail me. Those jeans are just wired weird.

So a new euphenism is born? "Playing with my keyboard"
probably is a solo act...

The way those jeans droop, I'd say the backspace is a little empty. Go home loser.

Well I think the jeans are kind of unique..well that's fashion..something weird or delightful..

rm -rf*
init 6

Parse that, keyboard boy.

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