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February 18, 2012


Sex with the dead? Illinois bill would make it illegal

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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We may as well just put the Constitution in a shredder.

Do they have a law like this in Tennessee, and for how long? If it's been a while, Tipper Gore was engaging in an illegal activity.

"Electing corpses to state government leadership positions remains legal however...

Illinois Bill is such a prude. I never liked his rendition of "I Will Always Love You".

NH has had an "abuse of corpse" law for at least 40 years, but it doesn't seem to cover sexual abuse. That probably falls under "disorderly conduct."

Defendants will probably use the "I didn't know she was dead" defense; sometimes it's hard to tell.

**ducks for cover and hides**

Well ... there goes sumbuddy's plans fer Saturday nite ...

- 'Coroner Steve Nonn thought was already illegal'


he works for nonnprofit

They can vote, but can't have sex. Liberate Zombies Now.

Didn't this lead to the "Twilight" saga???

And boy, when the undead undress...they need those air freshners!!!

What the Sam Hill is going on there in Illinois ?

Watch it Clankie. I used to date Sam Hill and he's a nice guy. He was from a small town right outside of Peoria.

Silly me , I just happen to think that it must be illegal already or maybe it's my code of ethics getting the better of me.

Sex with the dead, or dead sex? I'm all for the latter.....

Soon to be a series on cable. The Humping Dead.

At least she wouldn't say, "Call me", after.

But they can still vote. Just Axed ACORN.

Hey, for years she said "Over my dead body" how was I supposed to know?

Now you know why the birthrate is so low in Illinois.

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