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February 06, 2012


New Berlin boy gets Kohler-made toilet as dream present



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This kid is going places. I'm not sure where but I do know I wouldn't want to go with him.

Mom sounds flushed with pride.

When this story came out, I was very afraid for civilization.

And that little boy grew up to be the guy that likes to sit in the bottom of outhouses.
And now you know the rest of the story. Good day!

Well, at least he's easy to shop for.

So many toilet puns; so little time.

send him to washington.

or something.

And you people zink a seegar iss chust a cigar. Oy vey.

Reminds me of little Andy (not the Tropichunt.com™ Guy) who rode the bus with me when I was in high school. He was in kindergarten and had a fascination with vacuum cleaners. He was over the moon when his parents bought him a used Rainbow at a garage sale. I have never seen a kid's face light up like his when I would ask him about his vacuums.

Low flow, or regular?

"Now I can finally 'bob for apples'!"

Dustin, that's not apples in there....

Did you already dunk your head in?

The kid's a dreamer. If you think he's excited now, wait 'til he's older and learns the joy of using the bathroom on the floor of a police car!

"She admits that her son has had an unusual interest in toilets for years."

For years? Dude's four. Does for years mean 2?

gotta say, i love that smile.

Hey plumbers make pretty good money. This kid will be able to go to work every day loving what he does, or at least until he realizes how much it stinks!

All you need to know about folks from New Berlin, is when they're looking for out-of-town thrills, they head for Sheboygan.

We take our toilets seriously in America's Doodyland. Child services might want to look into his mom's potty training methods, though.

This sounds like a step up from those kids with unhealthy interests in dad's gun collection or with playing "Doctor".
Not that there's anything wrong with playing Doctor. I've had a healthy interest in female anatomy since...well, I can't remember that far back.

The ATO frat boy got started that way...then he turned his attention to pyrotechnics. I'm not judgin', I'm just sayin'.

Looks like he got a bit too close to one of them Tesla things.

Most men grow up to be a guy. This kid was born one.
Get him a subscription to Popular Mechanics and he is set.
I just love feel good stories.

LOLLER! @ pad' ...

Heck, pad' ... IIRC, I've been to New Berlin ... must've slept thru that part of the trip, and missed all the excitement ...

Who WOULDN'T want a double-flush toilet with a self-lowering lid? C'mon Kohler, hook me up, too!

Can't remember whether it was on the blog or not but I saw this story months ago, along with the video of little Dustin going to Kohler to check out the toilets. He seems like a great little kid.

Dustin goes to Kohler.

Key quote: "Here it is. This is great."

From the looks of his face and arms it looks like peering on the floor next to it.

For his birthday he wants a cherry bomb.

Just watch, this child will revolutionize indoor plumbing. Look for his designs in about 25 or 30 years.

Going to eye doctor. Read he got a Kosher toilet and pictured a Rabbi blessing the poop before flushing.

If I recall correctly, the Kohler museum also features the Sheboygan County Baseball Hall of Fame.

(skiing trip with the Boy Scouts when I was one
[a boy scout, not a one-year-old])

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