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February 13, 2012


The English language's annual contribution to German.

Advisory: Bad word.

(Thanks to Brian Duval and Unholy Slacker)


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It's only fair; they gave us " scheisskopf " .

Hmmmmmm ... I'd've voted for "cluster****" ... and I s'pose "Chinese Firedrill" is either too unfriendly to an ethnic grouping, or already taken ...

oh, yah. vee needed det. it was a good trade for leitmotif.

Why all the Sturm und Drang over this?

Yesh, wouldn't it be "scheißstürm"?...

...or, "Yeesh..."

Oy, vey!

The French expressed their schadenfreude over the language borrowing.


snork @wiredog.

oy vey, is of course yiddish, which sounds a lot like cherman. but is not german. uses german grammar. when written, uses hebrew lettering.

what you probly meant to say was: ach, du lieber! (means oh, to love, but that makes no sense)
just another example of zee zeitgeist. or whatever.

Nah ... gnu that wuz Yiddish ... merely tryin' fer a reverse humor type of dealie ...

Tho I gotta say, q'bee ... y'all remind me of my uncle ... he'd grasp the humor of one of my puns, then proceed to parse it as several languages might apply to such usageness ...

His best-ever (and spur of the moment) pun related the connection between the entree @ dinner, my Ma's vegetarianism, a commonly held bit of bigotry, and whut might be considered a Spanish (or Latino?) pronunciation ... I still recall it with fondness nearly 60 years later ...

(This also means that I'm not upset with yer elucidation on my pale efforts ... )

There are certain words that, when they first come into being, are instantly defined and absolutely appropriate.

After last year, when our European cousins gave them the words "bankrupt" and "freeloader" they needed something to lighten things up a little.
Now, if you really want to make them chuckle give them "lite beer"

OK, OtheU, please share your fond memory - don't be a tease!

OK ... longish, but I'll try ta be as brief as possible ... gotta set the scene tho ...

First, Uncle C. wuz a Presbyterian Theologian, incredibly intellectual ... but a wonderful man ...

Ma's sister wuz the youngest of the seven, and they'd all been raised and taught to respect tolerance of any person, no discrimination based on religion, color of skin ... and so on ...

We traveled to Chicago (frum Nodak, by train) to be with them @ Christmas, they lived @ McCormick place, fer them of y'all who know that area ...

Ma never ate meat ... simply didn't want to ... and everybuddy gnu it ...

The main event in one of the very nice dinners wuz, I think, pork ... stuffing (not mud'), done in a large roasting pan, with lots of enhancing sides in the same dish ... includin' taters and other such, that Ma WOULD eat ...

Old-style, we'd pass our plate to Uncle C., who would serve, and pass it back.

Ma's plate. Aunt J. said, "Be careful of the juice, C. ... Watch out for the juice ... Don't put any juice on her vegetables ... " (as best I can recall.)

Uncle C. ... never missing a beat ... with complete aplomb, replied.

"Let's not discriminate against the juice."

*Schnork @ O der Menschlichkeit*

Tnx, MtB ... he passed away a couple of years ago, and Aunt J. just prior to last Christmas ... I miss their warmth and wit ...

Anyone who thinks (and types out loud) that Yiddish uses German grammar is inviting a shitstorm. As the Yiddish saying goes, "it didn't rise and it didn't fly," meaning "never happened, buddy-boy."

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd once used the expression "political shitstorm" in an interview. Also, the words "programmatic specificity" in another. Both are now part of the great Australian lexicon.

My boss once used the word "basically" over a dozen times in a half-hour meeting. My favorite phrase was when she said "Basically, what we're trying to do is basically attack this in a programmatic fashion." I wish we were playing "B.S. Bingo" at the time, as I would have instantly won the entire match for phrase.


I always thought it referred to political campaigns.

That sorta reference to politics has been around fer quite sum time ... variations attributed to Harry S Truman, Alf Landon, Warren Gamaliel Harding, and others ... which sorta indicates that rhetorical mudslinging wuz more sophisticated in the 19th century, at least in their word choices ... not "cleaner" ... merely usin' werds of more syllables, usually ...

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