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February 21, 2012


Maybe not.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Two weeks and New York Magazine will be reporting this as Dan Chang's new direction. Momofuko Sheep Placenta Bar.

Somewhere in China, a guy is pointing at an ad. He has a disgusted look on his face.
He's asking his companion, "Look at this! What is a 'McNugget, anyway? Sounds like they fried up the worker's testicles."

SHEEP can get AIDS?

HOW in the WORLD could that hap ... um ... nevermind ...

I am not looking at that article until some trust worthy blogger tells me it is not gross.

Y'all won't hear Moi Ownself sayin' it's not gross, n'cin' ... but I dunno if I'm in the "trust worthy" category ... I wouldn't suggest my granddaughters look @ it ...

Trust me this is gross. It would be interesting to see these restaurants but the food would totally gross me out let alone try it. Not me

Eat here instead.

Sheep Placenta comes from the eweterus

Y'all may wanna watch out fer them French Crips, Ralph ...

I think something mis-translated. But until you try it, dont criticize. Eating at fast food MCDonalds or
Burger King makes some traditional Chinese cringe also.

But I think I'll have a safe obento, thank you.

Something about eating food that has to be wrapped in a condom doesn't sound appetizing.

O the Humanity:

You haven't been to WVA have you? It is endemac endomtic goes on a lot.

No, Mikey ... but my father wuz a piano mover ...* ... so mebbe I should've gnu that ...

*gratuitous movie line reference

You need a doctro for interpreting the list, which morphs from ingredients to medical conditions to alleged benefits.

snork @Ralph. Was this in Chinatown? Just curious...cause I had "semelar" experience once...

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