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February 14, 2012


Man Charged With Stealing Thousands In Detergent

(Thanks to Greg Snow, Bill Hudgins and Jeffrey Brown, who note that the suspect almost made a clean getaway.)


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Thousands of what? Soap granules?

Tide's OUT!

(Surf's up? This could be a really Neap deal!)

Should he confess and come clean?

I hope he has enough left to Tide him over in prison. He can Cheer everyone up in there.

snork@ jeff, and i guess that's All he wrote....

Totally justified. Have you seen the price of Tide lately? They may want to retrain their loss prevention staff if he was able to do this 4 times in one week.

George Costanza?

Maybe he should go back to living with mom...

True that, cindy. I only use generic detergent.

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