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February 08, 2012


Iowa Police Seek Public's Help In Armed Robbery Of $250 "Mega Masturbator"

Advisory: Not 100 percent SFW.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)

We considered a headline about catching him red-handed, but decided we are better than that.


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Not "exactly" safe for work?

How about "not even close"?

Pretty funny, however.

I must say the Romantix Pleasure Palace looks pretty darn romantic to me.

I think that sex doll is missing some parts!

Oh, the sex doll is the "mega masturbator"!

We saw Mega Masturbator open for Dick and the Chicks

no, nsfw: she's topless

If I had been the clerk I would have just told him that I was sorry I hadn't had time to clean it after the last customer returned it. I'm guessing he's single.

* hmmmmmm ... ski mask ... yup ... hunting knife ... uh-huh ... 5'8" to 5'10" ... uh-oh ... 165 pounds? ... whew! Twuzn't Moi!*

Ewwwww. Just ewwwww.

Always amazed at the stuff people buy steal.

I heard he mega-married her in Vegas.

Strong-arm robbery, obviously

In the words of Clarke Gable, "I don't pay her for sex I pay her to leave when I'm done."

When he gets caught, will the judge order him to take her out on a date?

Maybe he was drawn to the product because his name is Silly.

Har! @ Ralph ... yah, prolly ... but I doubt he'll hafta buy her dinner ...

Naw, he'll probably take her to Little Seizures Pizza.

For $5 bucks they can get greasy and fill up on army-grade pizza. Better have Maalocks or Pepto on
hand also...

You know the slogan.."When size isn't important, it's
Little Seizures..."

I hear she's into Latex.

This is the second name they've had for this product. It was initially released as "WottaWankah."

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