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February 10, 2012


Players on each four-man team attempt to score using a beach-ball sized soccer ball. The video shows players shocking each other with the stun guns. With each successful stun, players collapse to the turf, writhing in pain.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Where can I buy tickets?

"Taser" and "Ball" should never be in the same sentence.


Dan: I might argue that even having them in the same paragraph is a violation of natural law.

I pick Nurse Cindy to be on my team.

*snork @ 1:16* The Taser Tebow!

How many times does a guy have to be caught resisting the cops before he's considered a "trained professional" at this?


I want it on ESPN, or at least Spike.

Thanks NMUA. Thanks a lot Steve. For some reason your comment made me think of the song "Blowing In The Wind" and it's stuck in my brain.

My mind screams hoax, but my heart wants to introduce this to the cast of Jersey Shore.

*Imagines topcoat-and-fedora clad shady characters outside locker rooms, mutterin' "Hey, pal ... I can help you increase yer amperage ... really raise the level of yer game ... capische ?"*

Elon - great idea. A lose-lose proposition.

Soccer players routinely just fall to the ground. How can you tell the difference between that and this game?

The theme song will undoubted contain the words
"Don'T Taze Me, Bro" followed by electric sound followed by screams as if writhing in pain.

I think BoB Dylan should write and sing it, and props to NC for making the connections (?), I think...

Now, Cindy, I have at least three singers doing that song on my iPod.
Bob Dylan is my favorite but I remember him when he was alive. I believe he is scientifically classified as a "fossil" now.

What's this about... the Republican debates have a new format...?

a) He has been putting on events in his basement for years.
2) Cattle Prod baseball, I'm just saying.

This could be even more interestin' that havin' two-way traffic @ the Indy 500 ...

You ever seen a figure 8 demolition derby, OtH?

Oh yah ... but the speeds @ Indy are a lot ... um ... speedier ...

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