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February 23, 2012


Star Trek: The Next Generation of coffee tables

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Capt Picard wants one; make it so.

The table weighs nearly 75 lbs, is 34" wide, 54" long and 17" high

- takes up waaaaaay too much space

will it be labeled "Keep your hands and feet off the Enterprise!"?

$3,100? How much is that in dilithium crystals?

Where the green women at?

"Captain! The coasters canna take much more o' this!"

'He made the ship base from ash, poplar and cherry wood'

....butt will it warp?

Looks more like a terlet seat to me...

So much for the final frontier.

WOW! Nice designs! Your customization of that table with star trek there rocks! Just looking forward to see more of your designs and hope another theme from another popular movie as well.

Make it forty cubits by sixty cubits, and collect two of each sort of nerd, preferably but not necessarily of opposite sexes, and then ...

Isn't that a bit big to put in your mother's basement?

FUNNY everyone. The clear glass part will be brutalized as everyone looks at the ship part and doesn't notice the SMASH......

My entire living room set didn't cost $3100! There is no way I would pay that much for a coffee table. Yes, I'm cheap thrifty.

and smart ...

Tho I can understand the rationale behind that pricing ... his time is werth ... whutever ... and he's (apparently) a professional @ this sorta thing, so he's free to charge whut he needs to, in order to make a profit on his efforts ... but ... Heck, I've got cars and pickups I haven't paid $3,100 for ... and other things I value much more than a coffee table, no matter if it's a life-sized reproduction of Marilyn Monroe ... well, mebbe if it wuz Raquel Welch ...

I'm with Cindy. If a table is going to cost me 3 thousand bucks, it better be made of gold. That way I can sell it, and buy something more practical, like books or more books.

*snork* at Ms. Flukey

And since Dave requested it: The Coasters.

Quarter-inch glass? That's not a coffee table, its a window. I have a fairly pricey coffee table in my living room, teak and glass, but the glass is one inch thick. Heavy as heck, but at least its relatively safe.

Kirk: " Don't worry about me. Protect my coffee table. "

Um... the guy is named Shields? Insert witty Star Trek-related joke about raising or lowering shields here.


Why not use an original like this or this?

Dammit, there was a transporter accident with the last link. Go here.

Nerds of Misery!

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