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February 25, 2012


Unfortunately our strict standards of decency prohibit us from bringing you the Australian Nightlife Report.

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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The internet must have pretty strict standards as well, since the link isn't working for me.

I would never mention tits, or a mispelled tots for that matter, in any headline always gets my attention.

Put another shirt on the boobie.

Will, it takes a few minutes to load. I, for one, am shocked! I didn't know we even had strict standards of decency on this blog.

Beats Tuesdays with Morrie.

Lol, Meanie! Maybe that's where Mitch Albom went after schmoozing with the Morrster.

Weiners Out Wednesdays. Now THERE'S an idea.

"I want to increase the broad appeal of the venue by introducing a broad range of international broads artists,'' he said.


Yes, such behavior from Oz is shocking. Especially since a lot of the beaches there are TOE (tops off everday) and I've got friends with pictures to prove it. Very nice pictures, I might add.

Wait, you can't take TOTS into that bar anymore?

Does he mean kids below a certain age, or Tater Tots?

And what does Tits have to do with it, unless the young women were "bribing" the bouncer with flashes of thier, you know...????

There's a reason they call it "down" under....

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