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February 06, 2012


Catwoman Pepper Sprays Ozzy Impersonator on Hollywood Blvd.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Why would I pay someone dressed like Ozzy Osbourne to take a picture with? Had it been Dave I could have understood it.

Bad toons, bad toons, whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they pepper spray you.

Dave dresses like Ozzy? I'd pay to see that, let alone have a photo.

I wonder if these people are counted as being employed?

"Spiderman and batman just watched."

Nothing's worse than super-heroes just resting on their laurels. Boycott their next movies, I say!!!

Ummmm, are they absolutely sure that wasn't the real Ozzy? 'Cause hanging around Hollywood drunkenly harassing women does not exactly sound like a big stretch for Ozzy.

Key policy-challenging byline: Samantha Tata

A Chuck Norris impersonator would have taken out the entire bunch.

Pepper spray might be the only thing Ozzy hasn't done.

If Willy Wonka is willing to vouch for Catgirl, that's good enough for me.

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