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February 21, 2012


Presenting: The Japanese Fart Scrolls.

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Unholy Slacker)


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my system has that item blocked. grrrr

Title says it all, queensbee - scrolls of a bunch of Japanese people with their nether regions exposed farting...um, explosively.

Needless to say, The Japanese Fart Scrolls WBAGNFA...

I don't care WHO y'are ... those are FUNNY!

One guy actually farts out a CAT! Then there's the one where they's SAVING FARTS in a bag ... which is then emptied in the direction of their fartees, as a Weapon of Mass Fartageness ...

And the one where they's fannin' the opposin' farts back @ the farters ...

Whu sez Asians don't have a sense of humor?

( ... um ... mud'? ... Y'all might wanna check this out ... add to yer repertoire ... IYKWIM ... )

thanks. i like the idea of 'fart-ees'. interesting concept!

Fart Wars, in a Kingdom Far Far Fart Away


Onara-Fu, the deadly art of farting...

Well, q'bee, it merely seemed to Moi Ownself that this form would be a logical extension when one is parsing the concept of "farter" ... so ... there ya go ... use it in good health ...

(But watch out fer mudstuffin' ... he's a real professional ...)

The Dead Wheeeeeee Scrolls.

Ancient Japanese saying:

"All we are are farts in the wind."

... um ... Punkin?

Wouldn't that be "Arr we are are farts in the wind."?

I always wondered where the term "artsy-fartsy" came from.

Conflatulations to the researcher for finding such exquisite fartwork. But be careful out there...never know when that next fart will be more than mere gas.



Hey! We need a Fartological Translator here, STAT!

OK, who here went to college and was NOT reminded of at least one event by this?

Not admittin' nuthin', Steve ... merely observin' that not many have denied such a collegiate "broadening of their horizons ... not to mention their cheeks ..."

So this is where the college students got those
firecrackers lauched from the buttocks idea. Obviously from a Japanese exchange student!!

Sidebar: a very weird helpful website

Yeah ... really "helpful" ...

(But werth a look, tnx, f'm' ...)


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