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February 08, 2012


Purple Squirrel Found in Pennsylvania

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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I smell publicity stunt, this purple squirrel has a face book page. I suspect he will be running for mayor in November.
Dennis Rodman unavailable for comment?

Squirrelier is the conjecture in the comments below the story that it got into "fracking water" and that's the source of the color.

I’d rather see than be one. (With apologies to Frank Gelett Burgess.)

You'd be surprised just how far inland Jersey Shore (Penn.) is.

once i drank a purple cow....oh! & then i saw a pink elephant

Purple Squirrel ... din't they open fer that guy that did "Purple Rain"?

That's prolly how it got to be that color ... din't have enuf sense to come in outta the rain ...

Have they talked to the Chinese guys that are making the green trotters?

Soon to be denounced by by the ghost of Jerry Falwell.

Did he see his shadow? Oh, wait...

my irrels would turn purple, too, if you squeezed them hard enough

A purple squirrel makes as much sense as having a town named "Jersey Shore" dead smack in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Never mind the purple squirrel. The article mentions:

1) A local squirrel enthusiast
2) "Tried to dye my dog once"
3) There is no #3

He gets a couple minutes on national TV during the World Series and goes all Hollywood about it.

Since only the front of the squirrel is purple, it's not natural coloration, so why is this news? Ignore the Pennsylvania purple prose unless it also has green trotters.

It was a warm and sunny day in Jersey Shore, Pa., on Sunday.

Now that's what I call NEWS

They name him "prints"???

It's an escaped Paris fashion squirrel.

He fell foul of someone who put a dye pack in his bird feeder, that's all. You see footage of this all the time on "COPS," except it's usually people getting purple or blue or red when the bag o' cash blows up on them.

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