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February 21, 2012


Dogs are always ready to help.

(Thanks Gary Thorn)


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A very loving dog...

Typical ... yer average dog doesn't think of much else but food and sex ... um ... NTITAI ... that's perty much like guys ...

Nuthin' like belaborin' the obvious ...

He was going for the broccoli in the guy's back pocket.

HAR! @ Jeff!

A Humpa Humpa Burning Love!

That guy probably lies awake at night now, afraid to go to sleep.

The VERY FIRST TIME I met my wife's mother, she opened the door and this Terrier ran out and attached himself to my right leg in a very loving manner.
And I married into that family, anyway.

You should see what they do with the leash.

Poor guy....screwed twice....

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