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February 09, 2012


Jersey City clears 'Jersey Shore' spinoff starring Snooki, JWoww

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Yeah, well if you've ever been to Jersey City you'd understand. Am I wrong, Meanie?

I'm sure Snookie is really a great gal has a great personality in real life this is another sign of the Apocalypse.

Spin off... ? No. But is there such a thing as a " slough-off ?


As if the corruption wasn't bad enough.

The Jersey Devil is clearly slacking off.

One can only hope that they'll spin off the planet....

With any luck, Jersey City and Snookie'll finish each other off.

Where is that seam ripper when you need it?

Frightening to think these vermin have a legal right to vote, as do the people who watch their show.

Can't say first-hand, Layz, as I only go through Jersey City via rail tunnel or expressway. But the glimpses I get of it don't give me many thrills.

But if the mayor is using "promote" in the sense of raising the city's profile and image, this isn't gonna do it.

Four cops to babysit these nitwits full time? Their parents should be mortified, but I doubt if they have any shame.

Nearby Hoboken last week denied the permit, citing safety and quality of life concerns for residents of the city along the Hudson River.

Now I know where people go when even Hoboken won't take them. I also now know what level people have to be that even Hoboken won't take them. For that matter I also now know that it possible to be excluded from Hoboken. What an educational article, I learned so much.

I use the word "people" loosely enough to cover Snooki & co.

max ... how about "humanoid-like forms" ... ?

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