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February 22, 2012


...is on the (wrong) way.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Scotland, eh? Hmmm. What do they make in Scotland? Oh, what is it they're famous for? Coffee? No. That's not it.

C'mon, it had to be MacGuyver on a top secret mission to save the world, right? What, MacGuyver was an American, and never traveled to Scotland? Then arrest the SOB!

I thought MacGuyver was Canadian?

"unbelievable 1:51 clip" ... OK ... then DON'T believe it!

A bit gushy, the Scots "journalism" style ... but this guy is nutso ... or mebbe merely in a hurry to get home to sip sum of his country's most famous product? Or already had too much?

seems they have a nasty rash here

He's probly a United Statesian wondering why all those idjits are driving on the wrong side of the median.

KJP: The character was American, the actor Canadian.
Hope this helps....

Are they sure the driver wuzn't a Frenchman? They drive on "our" side of the road ... and they have a well-developed sense of disdain fer everybuddy else ...

That driver is doomed if he keeps that behavior up. Unfortunately, he's likely to take one or more others with him.

Sorry, not finding the funny in this one.

The miracle - as we know from recent such things in the NY area - was that everyone managed to get out of his way and there was no one killed. But then, that road is not that busy.

Ya, IKWYM ... every once in a while, sumbuddy does a Corrigan on our freeways (yeah, we've got two of 'em!), and it makes the news big-time ... usually an "older" person who got confused, becuz they hadn't been off the farm fer several years ... or a drunk/druggie ... whichever ... it's scary ...

Of course now we've got the Oil Patch traffic on all the roads ... and that's even scarier ...

There's an old joke about a woman who heard a bulletin about a wrong-way car on the Interstate. She knew that her husband was out there, so she called him to warn him. He said, "Oh, it's worse than that. There's hundreds of 'em!"

" Ah canna baleeva. Ees nah ev'n sluuin doon ! "

Who let Scottie out of the engine rom ?

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