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January 27, 2012


Artist plans to bury 727 jetliner in US desert

(Thanks to funny man)


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Actually, visitors will be treated better. THEY will get to use the restrooms.

Ladies and gentlemen there will be a slight delay....

Should be fairly free of turbulence. And visitors.

lacking any sandbars the flight will be dry

Your luggage will end up in the Sahara.

Art is what you can get away with.

Guaranteed to turn acrophobia into claustrophobia.

Yeah... No.

Bakersfield? Barstow would be a better location, I'm thinkin' ...

and ... confusin' werdage ...

" ... a septic system ..." ?


" ... aseptic system ... " ?

Either way, I'd bet the toilets will be Lo-Flo ...

Plus, the tunnel will have hatches, Especially for fans of "Lost"!

What can possibly go wrong?

Sandstorm insurance? Bah!

That's one way of making a 727 less susceptible to a DB Cooper-style hijack.


O the Ewe? What do you have against Barstow? They still have the world's largest McDonalds (a few train cars included), but it isn't nearly as spiffy as it was 20 years ago. They do, however, have the SkyLine Drive Inn, one of the last 6 drive-in theaters remaining in California. When I saw the first showing of the rebooted "Star Trek" movie there a few years ago, we were one of 5 cars in the parking lot. Must have been a busy night!

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