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January 20, 2012


Utah School Board Says Cougar Mascot Too Offensive To Women.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Allen at Division)


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You have got to be kidding. I wonder if they would be okay with them changing their mascot to a Puma? I also wonder how long it would take them to figure out it's the same thing.

Also, exactly what were Bill and Allen looking for when they found this?

They could change their mascot to a tiger, but that would offend men who are great in bed.

Wait ... I've got it! How about ... The Squirrels!

I found it curious, though, that they instead went with the Corner Canyon MILFs.

Why Discriminate? Change the logo to a Kardashian, and
be offensive to everyone!

The squirrels are still in the emergency room.

Could definitely be worse ....

and a "charger" is a woman that likes to shop with her husband's credit cards. fred flintstone told me.

I vote for "Flaming Tampons".

Pro football teams named Chargers = 1
Pro football teams named Cougars = zero
So how is Chargers more unique? Oh, wait, he's a school administrator.

I WUZ GONNA SEND THIS IN! REALLY! But I figgered that by the time I deduced how, it'd already be done ... obviously, I wuz correct ...

There's an old Dan Jenkins joke hidden in here, but I'll be polite enuf to not tell it ...

Slapdash "journalism" here ... the werd "unique" is NEVER qualified ... it stands alone, without "nearly" or "more" or "almost" or "rather" anything else ... it is -- to coin a phrase -- unique ...

No ... make that stoopidness in reporting ... which is not "journalism" ... they should've checked the AP Stylebook ...

Call themselves the catamounts, and be done with it.

My old high school was recently pressured into changing its nickname from "Indians" to "Cougars".
Now what?

Ferocious Feline Fail.

The conference of the college where I earned my BA had Trojans, Wildcats, Knights, Foresters, Cougars, Lancers, Pilots, and Maple Leafs. Since then, they have added Cougars and Cougars.

But when will men named Marlin rise up against the Miami baseball team?

As long as we're dealin' in rhetoricalness, why should I accept a team "mascot name" that typifies my ethnic background as a belligerent (sp?) group of dwarfish creatures frum myth and legend? It's demeaning, and I want that name stricken from all aspects of athletic competition!

Or I'll sic Brian Boru on 'em ...

Worse still, they could call themselves "Snooki's"...

Umanity, I assume you're referring to the infamous misuse of our ethnic heritage by the entrenched establishment in South Bend? Years ago, I championed a group that attempted to get the teams names changed to "The Poetry Writing Irish," but all we got was a misdemeanor charge of public mischief.

We tried to get Cuchulain involved, but he had a cattle raid scheduled that weekend.

The Utah school board is offensive to women.

Dang! I posted a reply to y'all Omni' ... but the blog must've ate it ... yup ... them Domers is to whom I referred ... I fergit the rest of it ...

OH! Sumthin' about 'em lackin' a sense of humor, amongst other things ...

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