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January 21, 2012


This is the last time we let Alan rent a car.



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Woo-hoo! First, first, first. (Doing the I got on first dance). Now what was I going to say?

In Arizona 90% of the cars are pickups.

Just sayin'.

Alan picked that??! Awesome, but not nearly enough headroom

snork @ligirl!

I also wonder about legroom, but I'm sure it'll be fun for someone to drive!

Of course, after the movie deal, Dave, I'm sure you could buy a fleet at least one of them!!!

why???? that looks AWESOME!!!!

I'd like to see a picture of Dave and Alan getting in and out of the car.

Cindy, I think they have to detach their legs first.

Hey Dave, this could have been worse. If you drove the Weinermobile and Alan was driving that new LL Bean bootmobile and you two got into an accident, headline writers everywhere would all fall over at once at the potential.


I just finished Lunatics. Very fun read, surprisingly surprising even after I was part-way in and had an idea of its arc.

About half-way through, I thought I had figured out what was coming from Dave and what was coming from Alan, but shortly thereafter I gave up the author chase. Excellent!

linky no worky, steve (t24g)

but sherly you wouldn't want anyone to have a head-on collision with mr. z

Steve's link.

Dave, maybe Alan will rent a trailer for you to ride in back.

what was wrong, except for the lack of headroom, and where'd ya put yer luggage, esp that big suitcase.......

It doesn't look much for comfort. Looks more like a race car.

Walter would be perfect for it.

Thanks, nursecindy

You're welcome Steve. It looks like Alan is looking for a cup holder for his coffee. Or possibly a can opener so he can get in the car.

snork @ cindy's "can opener."

Hot wheels... No, I mean it looks like one of Mattel's Hot Wheels.

At least he didn't rent one of these...


YELLOW??? Seriously?

If I were traveling with Alan, he would ALWAYS be in charge of car rentals!

Now you can pick up hot chicks! But they will have to be really tiny ones.

Head room and leg room are not an issue in cars like this. The seating position is nearly horizontal.


I WANTS IT TOO! My precious.

Orson Welles (Robin Masters) would not be able to get into that.

They'll really rent those to someone with a Florida license?

If you did pick up a "hot chick", how could you both get into the back seat, when there isn't one?

Sorry I fergot how to do the foto dealie ... here's a link to use as a guide while drivin' that car and searchin' fer (small) ...


Is that really a car or an attempt to make it into the Guinness Book of World records for the largest Velveeta sculpture ever?

maybe THIS is how dave really reacted when he saw the car...
(kinda looks like it, too!)

lol - click on video to play

If you did pick up a "hot chick", how could you both get into the back seat, when there isn't one?
PirateBoy, why would you want to climb in the backseat? If you did that you couldn't reach the pedals or the steering wheel. Sheesh, I'd hate to see your car insurance rates!

Phil Jackson could drive frum the back seat ... really ... old story frum college days ... those long arms ...

Oh ... PB is NOT PJ ... nevermind ...

Expense accounts must be nice

When I win the lottery, I'm going to get a really hot convertible sports car.
I'll put the top down and let the wind blow across my scalp.
On the back will be a custom-made bumper sticker.
It will say, "Compensating".

Fer whut? If y'all win the lottery, y'all don't hasta compensate fer NUTHIN'!!! (Well, that's merely IMH-bc-O ... )

Testosteronsa. It's Italian.

That's just yellow primer.

The reliant bit was one of my favorite top gear episodes!

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