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January 12, 2012


During an interview, Warren was asked why he had such a large amount of cash and he responded saying, "I don't have a job, read between the lines."
Warren is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 7

(Thanks to the Paul and Young Ron Radio Showgram)


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Does this have anything to do with Mitt Romney?


Florida Lottery Scratch-off tickets.

Read between the bars...?

Just cause he has cash and no job does not make him a drug dealer. Perhaps he is a hit man or a bank robber. Where are his rights?

PS: Ok...LahHoma where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain...

When he said that, he prolly figgered the LEO would surmise that " ... cash & no job? He's either independently wealthy, or in Congress ..."

Din't werk tho ... mebbe he'll get time off for good behavior ... as in "cooperating with the search" ... eh?

Let's not be so quick to judge. Maybe he uses a lot of coupons or recycles aluminum cans. You just never know.

Maybe he gets paid to pose in kilts, who knows?

As a convicted cocaine distributor, it's probably a good idea to drop "lines" from your vocabulary when talking to the authorities.

I only work half-time. If I quit altogether, where do I go to collect my large amounts of cash?

Can't be Florida ... isn't drug dealing a legally recognized trade there, with unions and specialized college programs for it and stuff? I think I read that in the NY Times a long time back......

Meanie...right. It was in the NYT as a response to "Can Miami Save Itself?" It was part of the Dade Co/Miami "Bootstraps" Vocational Ed Program.

Reading these reminds me of an old song my wife's g'father used to sing. It came from, I believe, the 19th century, when he was born.
The song was about a criminal mourning that he'd been caught and now, "...they're gonna send me to jail or Congress."

West Virginia?

"...read between the lines..."

Coke lines do tell a tale!

(Probably why he was arrested.)

He could have said, "I'm on my way to a Mensa meeting, and that's what it costs to get in."

The proper reply: "I'm a corporate raider...ARRRGGHHH.....ARGHHHHHHH"

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