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January 25, 2012


Stem Cells Build a Better Rat Penis

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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The rats may have recovered from the surgery but I guarantee they've never forgiven the researchers.

'Many receive a graft made of their own tissue, cadaver tissue, or pig intestines...'

- hence the term 'getting porked'?

"cadaver tissue" = dead wood?

"We were really excited..."
That seems to cover the whole article.
You know, of course, that now when the rat sees a scientist, anybody in a white coat, he's really glad to seen them.

"...as measured by the animals' reactions to electric stimulation...."

Ve haff ways to make you talk!

scientists, schmientists. everybody knows that law school make the best rat penis.

*sorta merely cringin' & shudderin' @ the thot of "penile (not "penal") surgery ...*

Oh Great! More rat penis, means more little rats!

Thaks fer nothin!

O the...

Ya ever had a bikini wax?

NurseCindy and I will be very glad to drive by your house in our Bikini Wax mobile.

NC, I can't find the leather strap for them to bite down on that belongs on my handbag.

And we wonder why volunteerism among lab rats is in such decline.

No, MikeyVa ... but I've had moustache wax on, when little toddlers seem to think that's whut to grab onto, while bein' held in my arms ... durin' church ...

Sorta lent new meanin' to havin' a "Stiff Upper Lip" ... merely sayin' ...

1. what did you do at work today?

2. is your mother proud of you?

3. when i grow up, i wanna...

O the...

Picture this:

Wax, strips of cloth, Bikini area,,RIP!

I doesn't hasta "picture" that ... I've heard (well, read about it, ennyway) MANY descriptions of the "cosmetic procedure" here on the blog, over the last several years ...

Any sorta pain in the groinageal neighborhood -- no matter WHICH of the seven gender-types might be involved and is talkin' about it -- has always instilled an entire boatload of fear in Moi Ownself ...

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