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January 03, 2012


Exploding Manhole Tosses Car In Air

(Thanks to funny man, who saw Exploding Manhole open for the Stones)


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This is a very old story. It happened last July.

Let the firings commence.

OK, I checked and as far as I can tell this was not blogged so forget about the firings.

Nothing to see here, carry on about your business.

I'm sick and tired of these euphemisms. If you must write about superhero porn, just do it loud and proud!

This sorta reminds me of the general run (HAR!) of events as I prepared for either of my two colonoscopic events ... merely ... um ... well, nevermind ... (but the drugs wuz perty good ... )

Hey, if you can't trust the Puffington Host, who can you trust? Sorry about not reading sharper and missing
the old date.

Free car wash! Brushless, even.

A few years ago there was a heavy thunderstorm in Tampa in which manhole covers were blown into the air by the sudden surge. I was driving home listening to the local NPR station. The news reader reported "personhole covers" being blown into the air by the storm.

My thoughts also, O. I was sure that "exploding manhole" was the title of Dave's classic colonoscopy article (perhaps I'm remembering the "prep" the night before mine...)

Yeah, Al' ... the "prep" wuz the nastiest (but really not too bad ... really ...) part of the entire deal ... but the drugs wuz even BETTER the second time around ... MB(RH?) hadda help me get the little slippers off my feet, and I don't really recall much about leavin' the hospital ... mebbe they gave me the prescription strength version of "disorientation" ...

That car went through the Taco Bell drive-thru.

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