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January 25, 2012


Dead whale stinks up Ocean City, N.J.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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redundancy in 'stinking up'....

"We all feel sorry for the whale."

Especially if Dave is correct.

poor guy went belly up -


Actually, it was an educated guess.

Oops, left out the quote: "Once the stench set in, however, residents soon realized the whale was dead...."

VIRUS ALERT!!! (or mebbe merely the stink of Ralph's link?)

Clicked it, and the screen filled up with rapidly duplicating (cloning?) copies of the same page ... could NOT stop it!

And all I wuz really gonna say wuz to wonder if they'd called the Oregon folks in charge of "whale disposal" ...

How could they tell?

In most parts of N.J., a dead whale would be called " air freshener " .

Queue up the dynomite!

That's what I thought, too, OtU, when I read they were going to cut it up . . .

All's whale that ends whale?

Jersey Shore Bureau? Is that like the famed Sonny and Cher Bureau with Uncle Duke in Doonesbury?

Yeah, bon' ... cuttin' up a dead whale is a LOT less fotogenic fer news cameras than explodin' one ...

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