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January 25, 2012


420 pounds of cow brains seized at Cairo airport

(Thanks to The Perts)

(We saw 420 Pounds of Cow Brains open for the Troggs)



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*makes note to NEVER say "surprise me!" when eating at an Egyptian restaurant*

*snork* @ cindy - no one can accuse You of cow-tipping ;)

Explains the Mubaraks, I guess.

Just like my mummmy used to make.

I dunno about Dave's suggestion ... sendin' 'em to Washington would raise the IQ there, and I'm not sure we like the results of "intelligent legislation" ...

snork @ ligirl and O the U!

In Washington they wouldn't know what to do with them.

The Republicans would like to tax them, and the Democrats would give them away. The McDonalds would cook and sell them.

Not to get too technical and disgusting, but feeding cattle with any bovine nervous system material, including brains, is prohibited in the US to help prevent the occurrence of Mad Cow disease.
This seems like it would be cutting out the middle-cow and going right to the source.
And, yes, you would be amazed at some of the "food" given to cows.

For example, Cattle cubes are cylindrical.

420? burning? What's this story really about?

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