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January 20, 2012


...for the Flaming Tampons!

(Thanks to 87,000 people, 93% of whom claimed to have seen them open for the Grateful Dead)


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"Wholesale loss of short term memory" only applies to my older brother.

I don't think we pay arson investigators enough.

It's always sunny in Philadelphia

Didn't I see this on Burn Notice?

Funny how art imitates life, or vice versa.

i thought 'environmentally friendly hybrid cars' all ready have

toxic shock absorbers

I was expecting to see this under Guess the State, until I reread the headline and realized it wasn't about Flaming Tampans.

I think she's trying out her "innocent face", but she needs a lot more practice.

I thought they opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Or was that a different tour?

Heard at an AA meeting: "Having trouble getting sober? Punch a cop."

They don't exactly look like they're the sharpest knives in the drawer do they? Please tell me the tampons were new.


Somewhere, a trailer sits empty.

If you're not supposed to use them for this, then why do they have a fuse attached?

* snork * at ligirl

That wuz "Fireproof Ford", wiredog, that opened for the RHCP ... merely sayin' ...

Good thing this only happens once a month.

I never saw the Flaming Tampons. I did see Maxxi Pad and the Cramps open for the Flaming Lipps, but I don't remember much about that night. Probably for the best.

Probably best not to speculate who the Flaming Lipps might open for...

Can't these idiots read directions?

You use tampons as fuses for Molotov Cocktails, not Fords.

Don't send a Tampon to do a Molotov Cocktail's job.

---Silvio Dante

The arrival of the car's owner, Falon Clark, led to troopers back to the tavern, where they arrested Patricia Elyse Deshong, 25, of Harrisonville, and Quentin Adam Deshong, 22, of Hustontown.

They were charged with attempted arson, criminal mischief and public drunkenness.

The Deshongs are sister and brother, according to several media reports.

Let's hope that's ALL they are. o_O

The woman had the vehicle's license plate and registration in her possession, according to the complaint.

Police also arrested Gary Scott Boggs for driving under the influence after he dropped off Clark at her damaged car.

Boggs also said Patricia Deshong "had thrown a beer bottle through the back window of his Ford F150 truck," according to police.

Just another day at the Hicksville Trailer Park...

Blood on the front seat? Whose blood? This isn't a Hitchcock movie, we want to know these things!

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