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January 26, 2012


Auto flushers stolen

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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Mebbe the cops need a stool pigeon to help 'em deposit the perps into jail?

No one from this blog comes to mind at all with this story. Nope, not a one.......

Oh dear... Now people will have to flush the toilet themselves. Horrors !

I'm of two minds about this.
There's one.
Aaaaand, there's two.

"Auto flushers"

Upon consideration, I've reached the conclusion that THIS is the main problem with them lo-flo toilets ...

Too many folks tryin' to get rid of their old junk car without payin' a fee to have sumbuddy haul it away ...

Don't get all pissy about it.

I thought this was an item about my cousin Otto. Red in the face here.

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