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January 16, 2012


7 Ways to Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day

(Thanks to Larry Maxcy)


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Love the video!

7 8 Ways for sGuirl's to Snare Keep a Man

1. Get in the Mood ;)

2. Feed Them, and They Will Come......easy

3. Get Your Revenge by Making Them 'Work for It' (....oooooh Yeah!)

4. Shoot ‘Em (see #7)

5. Give Thanks for Small Favors (........i'll think about it)

6. Read Up ('Men Are From Mars, sGuirls Are From Venus')

7. Don’t (let Them) Confuse Your Holidays - did he miss a birthday/anniversary? see #4


Sorry, but I only celebrate Interest Appreciation Day.
However, we did have one squirrel we called Princess who learned to look for our daughter, Cathie, through the kitchen window. She would then jump up and down on the air conditioner until Cathie would bring her a peanut. She would take the nut from Cathie's hand, never biting, then sit beside Cathie to eat her treat.
Cathie also had an awkward moment at the Grand Canyon when a squirrel went up the right leg of her shorts and came out the left. She was 11 at the time.

Celebrating Squirrel Day breaded and fried with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy made from the drippings!

Woke up in a blah mood having to go to work and read about 6 begillion gonorrhoeae cultures, but the squirrel obstacle course video put me in a GREAT mood. See- you CAN alter your mood at will!

I would respectfully point out that I forwarded this article to the Blog on last week, with an admonition that there you still had 6 more shopping days. Now you may have to make do with an Amazon gift card. NTTAWWT.

Paging David Letterman...

Squirrel says please check my nuts....

There's about a jillion ...million ...
thousand ...hundred ...

alright about twenty-five squirrels in my backyard.

Hunters welcome.

Sorry. I did not mean to break the blog. However, hopefully with this post I have fixed it.

Disease carrying, wire eating, Rodents Day. Yeah!

Ok, I'll admit that video of the ninja squirrel robbing the candy machine was a tiny bit cool.

Just rats with better lighting.

Hairy Rats! Shoot on site.

There is a squirrel in my neighborhood that LOVES torturing my dog and cat. It will run back and forth across my front porch until it sees one of them looking out the window. Then it likes to get close to the window causing my not too bright Daisy to lunge towards it thereby knocking her head on the window sash. Daisy does this over and over! I think I've heard the squirrel laughing as it scurries back to tell it's little friends about the big, dumb, yellow dog. The cat is a little brighter. She hits her head on the actual window.

My Terrier approves of this ;)

Non Sequitur Squirrels

git that gun, wuuudya?

Rube Goldberg would be impressed with that contraption.

However you celebrate, you should begin with

Pickled Squirrel feet
. Will they blend?

Oh, for ... the squirrel is NOT the mammal kids see most often in the wild.

Who knows the right answer? Anyone?


Methinks they've got their nomenclature discombobulated a bit ... the story sez to hang a "eye-screw" ... that'd be kinda painfulish ... most hardware stores I've entered call 'em "screw-eyes" ... merely sayin' (shoddy journalismness) ...

I will consent to Squirrel Video Appreciation Day, but that's it.

If they're really good fried, like Carla says, I now have one nice thing I can say about squirrels. All I remember about eating them as a kid is the shotgun pellets.

OK, Omniskeptic, I'll bite, although I anticipate indigestion.
What is that mammal, other than each other?

Steve - precisely. Homo sapiens. Same old test question as this: a man enters a room in which there are a baboon, a chimpanzee, and a squirrel monkey. Which one is the smartest primate?

We hope, anyway, that the man is, although entering such a room might make it questionable. Especially with the squirrel monkey involved.

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