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January 12, 2012


“Oh, are you really looking at my crotch right now?” the Annapolis resident asked a cameraman as he filmed her taking off her pants and showing off green plaid underwear to take part in the annual “No Pants Metro Ride.” “My mother’s going to be so proud. She’s pretty conservative.”

(Thanks to a bunch of people)


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Green plaid underwear? I don't think Victoria has that secret.

I bought a lovely bra today 'cause it was on sale and it actually fit---criteria that rarely go together for me. And the saleslady said, "Oh, we have the matching panties....and they're on sale, too."

In a weak moment, I said, "OK." $78 dollars later..........Yikes!

But, they're pretty and I'm worth it, right?

However, I'd never wear them out in public.

Coconuts, an old joke, "They'd look prettier on the floor next to my bed."

"No shoes, no shirt, no service". And, yet .....

" Mr. Gorbachev... Tear down these pants. "

i like to have donuts on the subway


not sticky buns

"The next station stop is Foggy Bottom".

And yet when I try it, everybody is on my case.

All this "no trou" talk reminds me of an old (but favorite) Alberto Vargas "cartoon" ...

Lovely Lady (weren't ALL of his pix models beauties?) in an appropriate position ... as she is (apparently) removing her below-the-waist-stylish garment, she comments:

"I'd rather hear toreador pants, than wear them ... "

(Sum memories are classics, it don't matter how old they are ... merely sayin' ... )

i don't like those 'casing weiners'

When is the no shirts Metro ride?

Seriously, I hope they brought towels to sit on. Ugh.

I'm with Diva. You don't know what sat on the seats before your undies.


"No ... puppies ..."

I've had dreams about being naked on a bus.
I liked them.

If y'all'd've been nekkid on my bus, Steve, y'all wouldn't've got an after-school treat ...


um ... worng thread ...

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