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January 27, 2012


Presenting: The Bishop's Rectum

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Rectum? It killed 'im!

SNORK@ JohnnyB

Heck, those show up every week on PBS's Antiques Roadshow.

They're valued about $20.00 in good shape.

didn't they open for black flag in '85?

The Holy Bishop of Durham
So sick, nothing could cure him
They decided to cut
A hole from his butt
Un-Holy, they then did inter him

Gnaw, mud' ... it wuz "Joe Pile & the Hemorhoids" that "Bishops Bung" opened for ...

(Nice werk, ligirl)

Well, here's our science or medical info. Dave keeps us informed. Poor bishop has his butt on display hemorhoids and all. There's actually a museum for this too.

"...the Annals of Improbable Research..."

Oh look, they misspelled "Anals".

....which would imply there are more of them.....

Is that the ass end of heaven?

Now when the Blog talks about colonoscopies, he can threaten people with having their ass end up in a museum if they don't get one.

Sounds like he was in the same league as the "Exploding Bishop of St. Augustine" FL.
Look it up.

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