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January 17, 2012


Dave, I was in sunday school class studying the scrolls of the Nag Hammadi.  The comments in those scrolls are varied and some are weird, such as the Codex II Hypostasis of the Archons.  The thought came to me that some of them might be satire commentary, i.e. the comic of that day and time.  Then I realized that your teachings Dave need to be printed out and put in a ceramic vase and stored in a cave somewhere so that humans 2000 years from now can read your teachings and ponder their deeper theological meanings.  :)

Gene P.
Austin, TX


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can we get this guy a part on big bang theory?

I think Gene P. needs to step away from the keyboard and get out more.

Brilliant idea, Gene.

"...put in a ceramic vase..."

The suggestion appears to be that Dave's writing is a crock.

I'd suggest a "highly efficient" ceramic "vase" ... but then it'd look as tho I had a crappy attitude ...

Your Sunday School material is a lot broader than ours was on Sunday. Our teacher was trying to bring out the quieter folks with a gimme question:

Jesus was saying the message should go out to where?

"Pittsburgh" apparently was not the answer he was looking for, although he admitted I was partially right.

Identifying the Gnostics as the SNL of its day would bring a different meaning into the text.

I have studied Greek and Hebrew, toured Israel and read the Dead Sea scrolls. Yes, Dave's columns should be stored in nice clay urns for posterity. My top requests would be the one about how lobsters are sea-dwelling insects and oysters are snot and the one about eavesdropping on Sophie and her friend in the kiddie carrier behind the bike he was peddling. I have two bone-headed blonde Afghan Hounds, so Dave's columns about Earnest and Shawna, should go in there, too. Earl the Egg is also funny, etc. etc.. . . We're going to need a lot of urns!

Excellent ideas Christine except it was main dog Earnest and his back up dog Zippy. Now it's Lucy and why do I know that?

Why not just get a e-reader and load it with Dave's writings and put that in a hypo-allergenic sealed plastic container, and put that in the urn?

It'll drive future e.t. (or other) visitors crazy, especially if you leave no instructions, or have Ikea compose "pictographic" instructions....

Because we all know if we don't blow our world up,
that technology will make the e-reader look like a
stone tablet, and act like one, if the battery is dead...

You know that because you are a true fan, cindy.

Uh-oh, Jeff ... I also gnu that ... I never really thunk of Moi Ownself as a "true fan" ...

(More like a 5,000 BTU air conditioner which gets inserted into a small apartment window ...)

Nag Hammadi and the Codex II Hypostasis of the Archons WBAGNFARB.

*snorks for OtheU, queens, and Horace*

Cindy, you know that because your brain stores useless information as if it were an emergency manual, much like my own does.

So true Diva. I still remember the jingle for a commercial for "Figurines" that was popular in the late 60's. It was a diet candy bar I think.

Get James Earl Jones to read the tape version of Dave Barry's books. Then put 'em in a ceramic jar. That'll give future archeologists something to think about.

Didn't Codex II Hypostasis of the Archons open for Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs?

definitely, meanie, spot on!

MtB ... that wuz YOU in a hallucinogenical-induced stupor blockin' my view @ the concert?

Could have been, O.

*Climbs back onto GeezerCamel*

who you callin' a nag??!

I'm sorry, but this seems to be a psychoceramic suggestion... a crackpot idea possibly susceptible to gene therapy.

HOWever, Ralph ... have y'all considered the possible Placego effects?

*places dave's blog in a porcelain throne*

Dave has certainly urned such an honor.

I'd better get busy... (being a ceramistist)..

And, Codex II? Aren't those, um, for female pharaohs, and um, possibly blocking the ceramic thrones, hence the need for urns?

How about if we put Dave on a pedestal and this deeply disturbed young man, Gene, in a jar?

Zippy! What is WRONG with me, Nurse Cindy? Too many laughs swirling around in my brain. I remember Dave's dogs randomly barking. My older Afghan Hound, Greta Garbo, will angrily bark at something invisible. Then her niece, Audrey Hepburn, will do a phony fierce "WOOOOF?" Dave's dogs bonked their skulls on the underside of his desk when he was eating Cheetos and pretending to write. Dave is funny and so are dogs.

Great idea, Clankie.
I'd pay big bucks to hear James Earl Jones just say the word "Booger".

Here in Austin weave a slogan: "Keep Austin weird"
It's good to know that Gene is doing his part.

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