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January 24, 2012


Here's the viola player who mimics the cellphone ring.

(Thanks to recovering violist Not My Usual Alias)


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He looks as if he'd like to stab the phone (or it's owner) with his bow ... merely observin' here ...

Take it from me, they don't like harmonicas, either.

NMUA - it's still better than the oboe.

The "previous" button at the top seems to be in a bit of a time warp.

Yep, and the "comment link" on the Alaskan Granny/Moose Repellant doesn't let one in ... there wuz TWO posts, and I commented on one, but that one got deleted, and the other no werkie ...

This violinist was truly creative, and transformed an appalling situation into an entertaining one.

Several years ago I was at an internal company conference in a room with about 300 people, where my boss's boss was being introduced. My boss had authorized me to sit in the back with a laptop to inconspicuously crunch some numbers for a work item that couldn't wait. Unfortunately, I had forgotten at the end of the previous day to turn off my start-up sound: the Star Wars music that accompanies Darth Vader's appearance. I booted up. It was loud.

The sight of 300 heads turning in unison toward you with eyes the size of dinner plates produces a very eerie feeling, I can tell you.

(The boss's boss was very gracious about it because, fortunately, my boss had told him about the assignment.)

Coupla cool bosses there, IMH-bc-O, MtB ... I've gotten so that I don't even take my fone to church any more ... but I get sum rather interruptive calls @ other gatherings ... part of the job, sorta, but I'm hopin' that my "leave the room" behavior will make it slightly less of a bother to others, when I take those calls ...

& yeah, there's sumthin' hinky goin' on with the blog/pypetad controls ... Granny/Moose link still duzn't werk, and clickin' on "previous" or "main" does NOT allus send us to where we intended to go ...


I have GOT to get his version as my ring tone. And I don't even have a Nokia any more.

I'm in a classical choir and if my cell phone ever went off, performance or rehearsal, I guarantee you the director's laser vision would turn me into a pile of ashes.

Totally O/T ... but ... did ennybuddy else notice the "news" item on ... whutever page shows up when I log on ... ?

Story about "The 10 most-hated companies in America" ...

And toppin' all others, @ #1 ...


(Why am I not surprised?)

OK ... BOT ...

(Goin' back O/T)

Personally, I'd've voted FB second ... behind (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BEHIND) MS ... specifically fer their foistage on the world of IE ... um ... 'nuf said ...


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