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January 25, 2012


Flamingo pummeling puts Sebastian woman in pokey

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Ralph)


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That headline is all wrong, and I'm tired of fixing these errors. Should be "Sebastian Puts Woman Pummeling Flamingo In Pokey". Or maybe "Flamingo Pummeling Woman Puts Sebastian In Pokey". Possibly "Pokey-Pummeling Sebastian Puts Flamingo In Woman".

Just Some Guy needs to switch to decaf. As for this woman, string her up.

The rumor is, if and when Miami gets the Olympics they will add Flamingo Pummeling to the list of sports.

I don't know about stringing her up, nc. Was this considered First Degree Flamingo Pummeling? With a plea bargain, she might get the charges reduced to Kitschslaughter.

I saw Flamingo Pummeling open for Minor Threat.

sorry, JSG, your headlines sound hokey

What's this all about, ligirl?

I have no idea why, but every New Years Day I wake up and think about who is in the local jail from the night before.
I guess it's from seeing a lot of jails and not seeing even ONE I wanted to wake up in.
At least now, I'll have a mental picture to go with that thought.
She looks a little rough for 29.

I hadda look to see if the headline/story meant she wuz arrested fer pummelin' a flamingo ... or pummeled sumbuddy with a flamingo ... or used a flamingo to poke sumbuddy ... or the flamingo's batteries wuz dead when she tried to poke her ownse ... um ... nevermind that last image ...

I thought Flamingo Pummeling made you go blind.


*it's them dang feathers that keep botherin' Moi Ownself, mud' ... *

Reckon we don't hafta guess the state.

Topless flamingo pummeling ... in Sweden ... mmmm.

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