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January 14, 2012


Image of Virgin Mary appears at hamburger restaurant

(Thanks to nursecindy, Unholy Slacker, and Ralph K.)


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Hail Mary, full of grease.

Drat. You beat me Horace.

Jesus fried.

Well, heck, at Hamburger Mary's she's seen there everyday.

"Would you like angel fries with that?"

Someone has a good imagination and needs glasses.

That's Edvard Munch's "The Scream". It must have been stolen from the galery, again.

It would seem that images of TVM are no longer "rare" ... so Dave's order for medium-well is ... as usual ... right on the money ...

(Tho a vandal with a welder or cutting torch could wreak havoc on this example ... merely sayin' ...)

Hamburger Mary's: Offering Lenten Fast Food Specials!

'Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce pray...'

<> Does this mean that TVM looks favorably on gays? Santorum and the Pope must be in a frenzy over this!

This is not a miracle. A miracle would be going into a hamburger place, eating a large order of fries and a bacon double cheeseburger, and then losing 5 pounds. This is just an active imagination.

... um ... ligirl ... red (?) meat is a part-time no-no for Lent, so it's not usually on a "special" deal ... (that's basically on Ash Wednesday & Fridays, but Sundays don't count, so one can catch up with the ketchup after goin' to Mass ... merely providin' a road map fer any of y'all whut don't know, and really don't care ... but still like to tease us RCs ...)(and it's NBD if y'all do ...)

Unless the Bishop has exempted a person frum the Fast/Abstinence regimen ... as he has in our Diocese ... fer (amongst other categories) them of us whut's older than a certain age (60, in this example) ... and since I past that marker quite a while back ...

Make mine a double-cheeseburger ...

O the (i'm only)Uman -

ummmm, pleez excuuuuuse my lame 'FAST' food joke
'course it didn't make sense - not much've what i say does.

jes funnin'

BTW: i hear tonight they're servin Bronco Burgers & Tebowns (that's like 'T-bones', only with a 'Tebow').....& there just might be a true Hail Mary

Au Contraire, Mon Cheriligirl ... I caught that "Lent/Fast" item right away ... cleverness that results in punnageness should be appreciated and applauded, and if intentionalistic, accompanied by @ least one "BRAVA!" ...

Y'all dun good ... I liked it, and wuz merely havin' funness with the heathens & pagans hereabouts in the vicinity ...

She's got nice buns.


immaculate confections, mtb?

I wouldn't make that Assumption.

Immaculate Perception, tho ...

Next they'll claim to see her in a bowl

Merely one more reason to not bother watchin' the Super Bowl ...

(No ... I do be one of the few guy-types who does not really care about the NFL ... that's the way it is ... sorry if that's disappointin' ...)

O the U, just repeat after me. GO PACKERS! Now, go put on your cheesehead hat.

Nah ... never happen ...

Well, if I had any interest @ all, the Pack would be my second choice ... so ... if they do well, that's OK ... I can stand havin' a Cheddar Head in the family, so I'll go along with D#3's fan support for 'em ...

I see E.T.

Isn't today the Feast of the Presumptuous Assumption?

Ok everyone on this thread except me and Nurse cindy are going to hell.

Yes, go Packers. I was shocked about the Saints losing.

Yea, have faith liken to thee of mustard seed. Garlic and onions are extra, however.

I wish to clarify, for the record, that I have seen
Jesus at Hamburger Mary's in Honolulu. He had a surf
board, had this glow and could levitate.

And for he record I only had five six drinks.
All Non-alcoholic.


Doth thou feeleth the heat on thine feet yet? Myrtle 4:28, Row 5 Seat 6.

Prolly so, Mikey VA ... and I'm the bus driver ...

No, MikeyVA, usually my feet are cold. But once in a while, if too cold, I use a hair dryer on 'em. Warms em for for about three minutes.

As for the Non-alcohol drinks, that's what the bartender told me. But I recall he winked. Does that mean anything?

(Asks for a special seat near the exit on the geezer bus...)

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