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January 24, 2012


Doritos Saves Hot Model From Elevator Fart

(Thanks to funny man)


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Did any of you blog guys even notice there was a man in the elevator holding a bag of Doritos?

Elevator? Whut elevator?

(Does mudstuffin know about the healin' power of this snack-food chip?)

i hate doritos. loved the commercial, though.

Doritos give me gas.
On a related note, I once proposed the death penalty for anyone who farts on an elevator, then leaves.

I even noticed there was dialogue.

That's why they put those Emergency Stop buttons on the panel.

Cool Raunch ;)

Does this have anything to do with making #2 in Miami?

I did, cindy!

What a great ad!! I'll have some of, uh, whatever the ad was about...

Bet you can't eat just one.

Good call, cindy.

One? I thot I saw two ... ?

But they were aftermarket, O.

Aftermarket? I failed to see the seams. I may need a few more replays to catch that.

Ramparts bear (not "bare") Re-examination ... I think they opened fer Francis Scott Key & the Rockets Red Glare?

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