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January 28, 2012


Cat thought to have giant tumour had furball in her stomach the size of two cricket balls

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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This is news?

Brits are different. Now if two crickets had cats in their stomach, THAT would be NEWS!

PS Good thing I had my lunch before I read this story and saw that photo.

Is it true in UK furballs are recycled into pillows and toupe's?

That's what my cats do they cough up fur balls.

Mmmmm... with pictures too!

I probably shouldn't read the blog anymore while I'm eating. I think I'll go lie down now.

So that's where I left my hair.

i didn't know crickets Had balls

So that's where they found Cher!


GUY crickets have balls, lig' ... GIRL crickets, OTOH, have ... um ... lemme get back to you on that ...

HOWever ... the balls frum a guy cricket can't be THAT huge ... I'd bet that aliens put it there ... did they look for a chip?

I wonder if that's a certain Palme d'or award winner's problem ?

Gag. Which reminds me - owls throw up "pellets" which contain fur, bones and other undigestable small varmit bits and pieces. A teacher in our district gave them out (tin foil wrapped) as favors at her daughters birthday party. I have never heard an owl throwing up.

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