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January 27, 2012


China driving schools teaching millions the art of war

(Thanks to Another Ralph)


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They were pretty good at the art of war on bicycles.

A key quote: "... if someone else crosses into yours, you must fight back."

At last, my brother could get a full-time job teaching driving skills. None of us will ride with him driving anymore.

I call Shotgun!

"Turning to his student drivers, Wu said: "Now remember, you don't cross the line into others, but if someone else crosses into yours, you must fight back."

confucius say: Making wU-turns may cause you to become disoriented

The first question on my Driving exam was, "How do you pry the keys out of your father's hands?"

Turning light on lead is encouraged.

Wowser! 29-million new drivers a year that don't know how to "undo" a turn signal ...or even know whut one is used for ...

Like Garrison Keillor said about Minnesota drivers, "if you see one driving along with the turn signal on, they probably bought the car that way..."

They sure don't teach you to use them for anything other than deception at the Sun-Tzu Peoples Driving School #8.

They don't have to read Chairman Mao's Red Book too ? We do in the People's Republic of Minnesota.

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