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December 12, 2011


A sarcastic font.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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The world has just been waiting for this hasn't it?

I just can't wait until this is available for use on the blog...

It's slanted to the left.

I'm so sure this will work.

*rolls eyes, sarcastically*

I so want it. the bozos here have blocked font sites.... wish i could use it to block them.

ddid anyone notice the name of the person who developed this font?

Glenn McAnally

took me a minute.

In the olden days lefties were encouraged to slant their letters like that.

Yeah, right.

You mean that people aren't smart enough to figure out when you mean something sarcastic?

Golly, gee! I'd never (snark) thought I'd need that!

So, there's a new Sarif in town?

Wait, if I use the sarcastic font and also use the /sarc tag will they cancel out?

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