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December 22, 2011


Study Suggests Many Adults Will Get Lousy Christmas Gifts

(Thanks to Karen in Panama City)


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Not if they get one from YOUR list Dave!

Among the siblings, the best gift of all is a pair of socks and a belt buckle -- we were big Mary Tyler Moore fans growing up.

We had an early Christmas due to family scheduling issues.
FOR THE FIRST TIME, some of my family actually gave me what I asked for.
Instead of a book or a useless bauble, money was donated to a homeless shelter.
Very good Christmas.

Hey, Socks is a very talented feline. He was in several of those SNL skits, wasn't he?

Nice, Steve.

Wasn't that Toonces, funny man?

I thought Toonces was the fictionalized version of First Cat Socks in the Clinton administration. I think his or her Secret Service monicker was "Deep Litter Box"

You cannot get too many blue shirts.

NMUA, and Jeff, you are both correct. Socks was the former Presidential cat during the Clinton administration. and Toonces was a fictionalized version.

By the way, another connection to SNL is here, co-written by an SNL writer.

So in other words, many adults this year will be celebrating Hannukah instead of Christmas.

I can spell it that way. I can spell it any way I want.

http://www.theleevees.com/player/player.html [ Track 4]

9, are you okay?

You mean that 8 day Jewish Christmas thing with the candalabra? (Some of my best friends are Jews.)

I solves that. You're getting nuttin' for Christmas.

We've already learned that boob job vouchers make for bad Christmas gifts.

What about Hannukah, though? One could give 1/4 of a boob for each day.

Gelt is always appreciated.

20% would be better odds than last year.

Check out this Christmas music stream.

Toonces is or was the cat who can drive, from Saturday Night Live. Not their funniest idea, by a long shot.

I would *love* socks for Christmas. All of mine have holes in them.

Socks for Christmas? One black eye or two?

In other "news," pig farm smells bad.

Nothing says "true love" like cold, hard, CASH.

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