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December 06, 2011


In a lawsuit filed in Oakland County Circuit Court, Margarita Salais of New Baltimore alleges the dealership's staff sold her a 2006 Ford Expedition last March without telling her it once held a dead body, The Detroit News reported Monday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Shhush! If you tell others, everyone will want one",

the car dealer told the customer.

Her *insurance* company figured out that it was human rather than animal? Those are some thorough investigators........

Now with extra protien?

funny man: she's lucky he didn't tell her it was the "Weeknd at Bernie's" stunt car and charge her extra.

A really good friend has a trucking company and had one of his drivers die from a heart attack while in the sleeper of one of his trucks. 1000 miles from home. It took a few days to find him and when they did they towed the truck home, opened the windows and sold it for half of what it was worth. Without ever once getting in the truck.

A local company specializes in cleanup when tragedy strikes.

I'm still hoping that they will sponsor a youth league baseball team, mostly because I have no pride and an extended sense of humor.

Mythbusters covered this once, using a dead pig.
Conclusion: You can't get the smell out.
On the other hand, this would be the perfect car for your high school son. If you were the least bit worried.

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