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December 20, 2011


There are celebrities EVERYWHERE.



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Wow, divorce must have been hard on Kim. Turned her into an old man?

I don't see any celebrities in that picture

Poor Kim. She's really done down hill hasn't she?

Forget Dave. That Micael Coors ornament is the dullest thing since sliced bread.

" I... see... three... ornnaments ! "

Dave is an ornamental (heavy on the mental) husband (ornaman)? Is Mrs. Blog perturbed or delighted?

I've only heard of the Kardashians and have never seen any of their shows. I'm surprised. Is she the blog's sister? There is an uncanny resemblance.

OH! Never mind.

Why did Radko make a Dave Barry ornament for Kim Kardashian?

Wasn't Heidi Klum blond ?

Dave, that ornament makes your butt look really big.

Does that sign really say "Together we can make a different"? And how am I the only one to have noticed it? Where the hell is Mr. Language Person in the face of this crisis?

Looks to me like the Kim Ornament will take some work to hang on a branch...Santa is in for a surprise!

So you can stick your face behind one of the square cutouts, or dangle your balls behind the other three? Thanks for choosing wisely, Dave. You have a reputation to uphold.

Whatshisname's balls will be on the tree. Fer sure.

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