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December 27, 2011


Chile daily must pay readers for exploding churros

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who saw them open for the Flying Burrito Brothers; also thanks to Gregg in Austin)


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Dough fried in hot oil sounds like an artery clogger to me.

Indeed it is, Theresa, and a delicious one.

The Exploding Churros toured with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is exactly why I have all my Mexican food prepared by professional chefs at Taco Bell.

Too many "huevones" in the recipe?

Snorks @ Jeff & NC.

With a recipe for "Exploding Churros", you'd think they'd have seen this coming.

The gunpowder probably didn't help...

Would you like a naked chimichanga with that?

I've fixed some chili that seemed to explode postprandial. But none that caused burns. Or at least, external burns.

Wow Steve, I'm impressed! Postprandial is not a word you hear everyday.

Neither is whippersnapper, my new favorite word of the week.

Yeah, "Whippersnapper" is a great one. Everyone knows what it means but what does it "mean"? What was a whipper that someone had to snap it?
I'm babbling again, right?

For Jeff : from dictionary.com ==who cite "online entymology.com":

whipper snapper:
1674, apparently a "jingling extension" [OED] of *whip-snapper "a cracker of whips," or perhaps an alteration of snipper-snapper (c.1590). Cf. also late 16c. whipperginnie, a term of abuse for a woman.

Hmm. Thanks for clearing that up. I think.
I got "postprandial" off a calendar.
I get a new one every year even if I haven't used up all the old one.

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